Soundavo Enters Commercial and Residential Audio launch With New Amplifier Line

Soundavo Enters Commercial and Residential Audio launch With New Amplifier Line
The PSA-240 series high-voltagepower amplifiers designed for commercial sound applications
The first two compact size commercial amplifier product from Soundavo are now available for order and shipped. 
The PSA-240 series amplifiers come with half rack 1U chassis, provides 120 watts per channel at 4 or 8 ohms, and can be bridged to supply up to 240 watts RMS. Bridged mode will also directly drive high impedance speaker lines, with up to 240 watts fot70 volt or 100 volt loads distributed audio systemswithout a separate transformer neededwith the latest materials and construction technology to deliver excellent performance and audio quality in your installation. 
The PSA-240NET featuring PoE digital audio networking that can be received audio from Dante-enabled devices over a standard local are network, allowing for decentralized distribution of audio thru a building. 
Sufficiently flexible to meet the demands of residential, conference rooms, or any commercial application, Those amplifiers come with many functionalities such as High Pass Filter switch, Energy Star Power, Trigger In/Out, and the Power-Up Mode Selection. 
All models share the same basic front panel design withaccessories included, the PSA-240/240NET can be installed ina half rack or 19" rack,table or wall mounting capabilities. 
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