About Soundavo

Headquartered in Southern California, Soundavo is a developer of advanced audio products, designed by a team of audio engineers, musicians and Hi-Fi enthusiasts to deliver high-performance smart home audio solutions, as well as commercial space audio installations and Pro Audio products. With the most advanced engineering techniques and processes, you will enjoy the perfect audio experience with every Soundavo product.
With an unparalleled market assessment and a growing team of highly skilled and talented recording engineers, sound field installation designers, music studio producers and musicians, Soundavo focuses on the basics of high-end audio. The products offered by Soundavo are built into the design, construction, performance and system integration of professional audio products. The products designed by Soundavo are tested, tested and improved before they are put on the market, ensuring that the final product is revolutionary.
If you are looking for high performance; durable, efficient audio solutions, the unique and stylish design will surprise you and the price is moderate, Soundavo is the ideal choice.